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Jessica Wade

Phone: 858-618-1100
Before opening the doors of Wade Law, San Diego attorney Jessica Wade spent almost ten years as a corporate attorney at two large, prominent law firms in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Her work centered on tackling complex transactional matters and… Read More
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Jay W. Henderson

Phone: 858-618-1100
Jay W. Henderson began practicing law in California in 1971. Now Of Counsel to Wade Law, Jay led our predecessor firm, Jay W. Henderson, Ltd., for over 40 years. Jay attended Church College of Hawaii, Laie, Hawaii from 1959 to 1961, where he studied… Read More
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Cynthia Wade

Phone: 858-618-1100
Cynthia Wade, administration and a notary public, has been with the firm and its predecessor since 2004. She is a native Californian and has lived in San Diego since 1980. Cynthia graduated from Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science de… Read More
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Shuky Ng

Phone: 858-618-1100
Shuky Ng is the Secretary of the firm. Her work includes assisting our attorneys with the preparation of legal documents and business structures. Shuky has lived in San Diego since 2000 and has lived in Montreal, Canada and Hong Kong so she speaks Ca… Read More
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JoAnn Dahl

Phone: 858-618-1100
JoAnn Dahl is our Receptionist and enjoys answering phone calls, greeting clients, preparing and maintaining files, and performing general office duties. She has lived in numerous places, with San Diego being her favorite since 2013. JoAnn has worked… Read More
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Miss Penny

Miss Penny was rescued by Jessica in December 2018. Penny had a tough start to life. Born as a stray in Rosarito, Mexico, someone attacked her on the streets with a machete. The attack cleaved all the way down to her skull, and lopped off one of her… Read More
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