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Combining decades of dedicated legal service with big firm, high-tech experience, the team at Wade Law is uniquely qualified to address any legal obstacles that confront your business. Read More

Estate Planning

Here at Wade Law, the members of our team have over 40 years of combined experience in estate planning. We serve our Rancho Bernardo neighbors as well as individuals and families throughout the surrounding California communities. Read More

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There is an argument that has been raging for about the last twenty years (maybe longer) regarding how arrogant it is to believe that America is unique or that Americans are exceptional. Since we all came here from somewhere else, the reasoning goes,… Read More
I had a middle-aged physician in my office last week. She had just settled a lawsuit that was perfectly defendable, but the insurance company didn’t want to go to trial because it would have been more expensive than just settling the claim. So, she… Read More
I have a friend who is having medical problems, at age 62. At one time very wealthy, he now has no income, but owns a very large and valuable piece of ground in Southern California. Unfortunately, it isn’t of a type that can be turned into cash. Th… Read More

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